What you will find on this website:

Resources to help promote resilient parenting for parents and caregivers of bereaved children and for service providers who help them on their journey.

  • Practical tools for parents and caregivers who are stressed due to COVID-19.

  • Information about training on Resilient Parenting for Bereaved Families Program.

  • Blogs and Podcasts about the experience of parents and service providers.

  • Webinars, articles, and books with helpful ideas from experts.

  • Findings from our research with bereaved families.

  • How to support parents in use of Practical Tools.

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What is Resilient Parenting?

  • “Resilient parenting” refers to the many things that parents and caregivers do to help their bereaved children deal with their grief and thrive.

  • Research finds that parenting has a powerful effect on strengthening the resilience of bereaved children.

  • Our research has identified five key building blocks that parents and caregivers can use to promote resilience of their bereaved children.

Our Research

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Service Providers

We are here as a resource for those who are working with bereaved parents and caregivers. We’ve been privileged to work with many of you over the years and we hope that you will find the resources on this website helpful in the amazing work you are doing.

Parents and Caregivers

We offer short, online Practical Tools to help you be kind to yourself and to strengthen your relationship with your bereaved children. We offer tips that other bereaved parents have found helpful to take care of themselves and their bereaved children.


Resilient Parenting Resources

We have many resources to help caregivers get their families through this COVID-19 season and beyond - a blog, podcast, books, and more. We’ll keep adding to our resources, so come back often and subscribe for updates below!

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